computer games for kids

Computer Games for Kids to Learn and Have Fun

Looking for computer games for kids may be a challenge, especially if you want them to learn while having fun and keep their focus. Of course, most kids would like to play action games or those that involve guns, cars, and other things they find “interesting” rather than using all their free time to solve Math Games.

It’s good that game developers nowadays have integrated all the knowledge, fun, and excitement in various computer games for kids! Get ready because today, we will share five games with you to help your kids learn while still having fun.

Top 5 computer games for kids

1. RollerCoaster Tycoon 3

The first on our list of computer games for kids is RollerCoaster Tycoon 3. In this game, the player will ride roller coasters and build and manage the entire theme park! What’s even better is that after designing the rollercoasters, the player can get to ride and enjoy them in first-person POV! How cool is that?

This game combines strategy and management, which puts the player in control of various important aspects like planning, building, managing, and budgeting the park’s profits. It can help increase a child’s imagination, enhance their management skills, and teach them how to budget money effectively.

2. Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

Next on our list of computer games for kids is Lego Star Wars. Kids love legos, and there is just something about them that appeals to children. Aside from that, kids also love Star Wars, so combining the two will undoubtedly result in a fun-filled adventure game for them!

The player just needs to complete all the episodes and levels of the story mode while unlocking new modes, characters, and even a few collectibles along the way!

3. Cuphead

Cuphead has been branded as one of the most beautiful games a kid can ever play. However, it is also one challenging game to complete. As the title suggests, the player would be in the character of a cup with arms and legs.

This game is incredibly long, and the player would have to battle with multiple bosses, and kids might even give up after being defeated 20 times by the giant flower boss. Even when the gameplay is challenging, it is always fair, and this is the type of game that will teach your kids patience, perseverance, and strategizing.

4. Minecraft

Of course, Minecraft should have to be on this list. Your children may already be hooked on it, and you don’t even understand why. Well, this is one of the games that can help enhance your child’s creativity.

All they have to do is create structure by stacking blocks together. You will be surprised how your child could make a fortress with fully functioning doors, windows, and stairs just by stacking up blocks. This game is an absolute favorite, and it deserves to be on the list of games that every kid should experience playing.

5. Roblox

The last on our list of computer games for kids is Roblox. This game has over 90 million active players monthly, and that alone speaks volumes about this game. Players can create, sell, and buy items using a virtual currency called “Robux” and construct and play some newly developed games that each player is crafting.


There are lots of computer games for kids in the market, and it is the job of every parent, guardian, and educator to help find the games that best suit a child’s need. Make sure to check each game out and introduce these new games to your kids!

While your kid is having fun, try playing too. Check out our list of beginner-friendly games for you!