pc games for beginners

Top PC Games for Beginners to Try

Even if you are just starting with pc games for beginners, you can still have fun. These games are easy and beginner-friendly.

However, you have many options out there, and picking one to start with is a bit overwhelming. So, we got you covered.

As a newbie in the gaming world, narrow down your choices to one that meets your expectations about the kind of games you want to immerse. We narrowed down the top 5 pc games for beginners to help you get started.

Top 5 PC Games for Beginners 

We picked these computer games according to their level, and a few other criteria below:

  • gameplay is less intricate but fun and exciting, nonetheless
  • a notable and solid theme integration
  • a distinct and realistic game graphics, sound, and animation
  • the degree of control and freedom that the game allows its players
  • the level of interaction among players
  • an existing factor that every win or loss is due to the player’s ability to strategize and navigate the game, and not based on chance or some luck factor.
Now, read on for more info on the top five pc games for beginners and why they are perfect to start the fun.


The community dubs Minecraft as training wheels among all pc games for beginners. It prepares and acclimates its players to the 3D Space, like a starting point before gamers graduate to more intricate computer games. What is great about the game is that it is interactive.

Part of the beauty and fun of playing Minecraft is the fact that there is no one goal. It does not limit your freedom. It is also a perfect avenue to unleash your creativity, according to your pace.

Minecraft has a community where you can interact and exchange ideas with fun-loving beginners like you. You can play the game across multiple platforms, too.

Among Us

Among Us is a fun, thrilling, pseudo-detective game about flying home from a strange planet with an impostor in your company. You have to identify the impostor and stop them from messing with you. Your task is only to find out the true killer among your peers within the game. It is interactive because you can play with your friends or with random people online.

With its unique and simple gameplay, anyone, even beginners, can learn to love this game and have fun. However, the gameplay has drastic changes if you were the killer. Your primary goal is to remain undetected. While the other crew members remain busy looking for you, be quick at your feet in accomplishing your missions. With its thrilling gameplay, test your speed, persuasiveness, and mastery of psychological manipulations.

Fortnite: Battle Royale

When looking online for pc games for beginners, Fortnite may be one of the many that show up. It is not a new name in the gaming world. Players skydive into an island that offers a cornucopia of gears and resources to prepare themselves for combat.

Players can play solo, duo, or by a squad in this game which accounts for more fun and adventure. The island eventually contracts, and their safe zone shrinks, leaving them a smaller area to work around. Players need to avoid the storm and remain alive at all costs to win the game. There are millions of players in the Fortnite community with which you can cross-platform play.

Battlefield 3

Released on October 25, 2011, you can play the game across multiple platforms, including your personal computer. It is an introductory game for FPS or First Person Shooter video games out there.

Players play the role of elite U.S. Marines and accomplish heavy and nerve-wracking missions across Paris, Tehran, New York. The gameplay and animation of the game are striking. Its overall game design and setting give you a cinematic and lifelike experience of the battlefield.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty is an FPS computer game with a realistic setting, launched in 2019. It qualifies to be one of the pc games for beginners out there. Players take on the role of CIA Officer and British SAS Forces. Its tactical gameplay is something to anticipate as you engage in the game.

Gamers need to think fast on their feet whether or not the non-player characters are a threat. Fans of COD love its precise and realistic depiction of warfare. Despite its seemingly complex and interwoven theme, beginners can wrap their heads around the storyline, the campaign, and every aspect of the game.


Millions of computer games dominate the web. You may find them overwhelming as a beginner. Hence, we compiled this list of pc games for beginners to guide you in choosing that game that launches you into the gaming world.

Once you get into the groove of playing, you can then jump into playing more popular and challenging games!