More essential steps to take to manage your new laptop

If you have just got your new laptop, it will be better to take the measures described in this article in order to prolong its efficient performance and avoid many common issues. This can also boost your new device productivity.

Get rid of bloatware

Bloatware is basically a set of pre-installed applications inside your laptop that comes in from the manufacturer. Lot of these you may not even need and they just simply waste space on your storage. Best is to go to control panel and look for uninstall a program under Programs and features.

There, look for all the apps you may not need and uninstall them. Watch out for the operating system and manufacturer program that you may have there. Leave them as they are. A prime example of this bloatware to remove is, McAfee antivirus program which comes in not free but a trial version. At this point, 2022, Windows security alone is powerful enough as your antivirus. Still a second and third party tool will always provide you with extra layer of protection. Will leave it to your judgement.

Visit Ninite

Ninite is a software platform where you find bunch of most essential computer applications that we all need. Rather than looking up online for individual application on their own official site, Ninite has almost all of them in one place. You simply look for the apps that you are interested in, check them and run Ninite and all those selected applications will be installed. This saves the time from going to individual platforms to download these applications.

Manage startup programs

As you begin to install various programs, your laptop begin to have startup programs. This is not only true for laptop but any computers out there, ranging from desktop to your smartphones. You might want to go through the list and turn some of the application which you do not want to auto-start upon system boot up. Open up the task manager and go to start up. There you will find list of applications get starts every time you boot up your system.

Cloud backup

The whole field of technology has changed a lot and people from large industry to individual is moving to the cloud due to its tremendous flexibility and scalability. The benefits of having a cloud back up is too long to mention here. Yet, right off the bat, you get to access those backed up documents from anywhere in the world regardless of devices, saves you from the unnecessary high investment on hardware to back up your files. Topmost, your documents are saved and backed up in case your whole system or the storage goes down. There are platforms like Google drive, Microsoft One Drive and so on. You just have to subscribe and pay for the storage plan you choose.

Register an account for communicating with the laptop manufacturer

Almost 99% times when you get a new laptop, you will likely to have a full-fledged software which take care of the things between you and your manufacturer. Such as, registering to your manufacturer generally makes it easy for you to claim anything based on warranty and other offers you may get along with your laptop. Registering to the manufacturer automatically updates your computer serial number to the manufacturer database and register you as the authentic manufacturer’s consumer.