PC games to improve memory

PC Games to Improve Memory You Need to Play

Nowadays, people have been using PC games to improve memory, creativity, and camaraderie. It proves that PC games can be helpful too!

Today, we will be checking 5 PC games to improve memory, retention, and other valuable life skills. These games can surely help improve your mental function and help prevent the aging of your brain. Make sure to check each game out!

Top 5 PC games to improve memory

1. Sudoku

When it comes to PC games to improve memory, the top game on our list would have to be Sudoku. If you are fond of number games, then you will love this game. It is a number placement game that relies on one’s short-term memory. To complete a Sudoku puzzle, all you have to do is complete a sequence of numbers without repeating it per row, per column, and box.

Sudoku used to be played in the newspapers, but now, you can search for Sudoku games online and start playing.

2. Lumosity

Next on our list of PC games to improve memory is Lumosity. It has been named as one of the most established brain training programs, and for good reasons.

You can make a free account and play three games daily or choose among their subscription plans to enjoy more offers. Either way, you will be able to track your results, progress, and improvements.

Science backs the games and activities offered by Lumosity, and you can easily access them by going to their website or simply by downloading the game in Play Store.

3. Crossword

Just like Sudoku, Crosswords used to be played in newspapers. Some people also take the extra effort and buy a crossword book at a nearby bookstore.

Now, you can easily access crosswords online, and just like the old times, you can play crossword while having your morning coffee or your afternoon tea. Games like Crosswords help improve one’s memory, so if you notice that the games you are playing are becoming accessible, it isn’t doing anything anymore to help improve your brain functions.

You can find crosswords with various difficulties online, so make sure to up your game, especially if things are starting to become “easy” for you.

4. My Brain Trainer

This game helps improve decision-making skills, mental agility, reaction time, and of course, one’s memory. There are almost a dozen exercises to help players improve their short-term memory, hand-eye coordination, all while enjoying and having fun.

5. Mindfit

The last one in our list of PC games to improve memory is Mindfit. This game helps improve visual short-term memory, perceptual speed, multi-tasking, and of course, it can help develop your cognitive skills.

Its creators even say that the game turns your computer into a “fitness room” for your brain, as it helps work on your brain’s weak spots by giving you a specially tailored program that increases in difficulty as your skills start to improve.


There are many available PC games to improve memory online, and while some of them may have to be purchased, the benefits you and your family will drive from these games significantly outweigh their small price. Enjoy playing while sharpening your memory at the same time! Here are other games that can help!