The best alternative games to Among Us

The year 2018 when Among us was released by the InnerSloth LLC, PlayEveryWare, Schell Games LLC was a sort of crawling up in the buzz feed! In the year 2020, Among Us gained a massive number of players from all over the globe. This game became the game of the year. The game came to its point of massive success solely due to the exposure it got by various Twitch and YouTube streamers. Since then a whole new generation started looking forward for more games like Among us, unfortunately, not every social deduction game that is out there is a standard cup of tea.

With all of these in mind and after a lot of careful consideration we came to enlist some of the best alternatives to Among Us. Note this is list by no means ranked but is organised in a random order.

Werewolf Online

This game is one hell of a guess and careful work. Werewolf online came out in February 2020. This is not exactly the same as Among Us, where you can explore, at least visually, but this game relies and puts a lot of your imagination which in turn making this game worth it but of course, there is visual queues and platform and GUI.

This is a game full of suspense and things can get very tensed here. This fun game allows you to engage along with 16 players, could be in your team or random. There is also multiple villages with their unique roles. The primary catch of this game is to catch the werewolf. There is a person in your team who will be the werewolf. You with your team mates will have to look figure the werewolf out and cast him, her, them out or you have to play the evil and slowly kill your entire team without getting caught. This is a free to play game released for both Android and iOS and also there is a paid version which is called Wolvesville Classic.


This game came out in 2017, March 3 and won people’s hearts so good. Deceit is different in terms of gameplay but the theme is same as of Among Us. Also, a lot of others aspects differ and quite advanced if you compare it to Among us since this game was released for Microsoft Windows.

This game is a first-person shooter game with good graphics. Here you will discover yourself waking up inside an asylum by the voice of the game master. You discover yourself with other five players. The objective is to escape this asylum by building trust among the others and keep a sharp lookout since two of the players are infected with a deadly virus and you have to find them before they find you unless you are one of them.

There are lot of signs scattered all over indicating the infected, one of them is the missing blood bags you will find all over. If you find a bag missing after one pass that corner, great time to keep an extra look out on this person. This game is free-to-play available on Steam.