The following parts of The King of Fighters

If you have enjoyed recalling the magnificent video of the past, The King of Fighters with us, you are welcome to go through the path of the following releases of this game described in this article.

The King of Fighters’95

The next to the kin, The King of Fighters’95 was released and got great positive critics. Of course, this 95 series also saw new characters. All of these characters were grouped under a team named with the names coming from various nations.

The 95’s version began as a story of ‘Orcohi Saga’. Worth noticing, although the name Orochi is here, only use of the Orochi element was seen in the introduction of Kyo’s sole rival, Iori Yagami and the time when Rugal use snake demon Orochi power. The player gets surprised by the Rugal’s appearance again in ‘95 with slight unpredictable moves which was unlike the 94. Lot of players thought Rugal was dead from the previous game caught inside the massive explosion, but in 95 it was clear that the evil survived and once again sent out invitation to the fighters for newly held King of fighters tournament.

The 96’s series of The King of Fighters

The whole Orochi Saga continued until 1997. with the 96 series, the story still lingered on and stretched. But few twist was brought into the game such as new movements and techniques, changes in the teams and of course introduction to the new characters. This time the tournament is held by Chizuru Kagura who is the heir of Yata Clan. Her sole purpose was to recruit Kyo Kusanagi, the mighty character who defeated Rugal Bernstein the previous series as well as his longtime rival Iori Yagmai, to assist her sealing the Orochi demon.

The new boss in the 96 is the Goenitz, who shows up after Chizuru is defeated. This game got some mixed reviews, while one group appreciated the whole graphical aspects and new characters, the other being bitching about the unbalanced gameplay comparing to its predecessor.

The King of Fighters 98: Dream Match Never Ends

The Orochi Saga ended in 1997 and with 1998 series there was no story included or made, it was a just a fighting game with the same tournament held. But this time who held the tournament no such information is found. Although, SNK advertised this game as an special edition, there is no storyline. This game was titled as The King of Fighters 98: Dream Match Never Ends.

With each year adding new characters, scenarios, gameplay, sound track, bunch of special moves that you had to master, this game required your total attention, fast thinking, steep observation and a right combination of mind and body to snatch the trophy for the king of fighter!