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Computer Games That Help You Improve

Computer games are said to do more harm than good, but that is not true as there are computer games that help lessen stress too.
Others may have told you off when you played too much with your computer for the whole day. But little do they know, playing computer games can help in many ways.
A computer game is a game you can navigate using your computer. In 2020, approximately 2.7 billion active computer games that help you dominate the gaming market. The gaming world has grown astronomical in the last decade due to the rise of game digitalization.
There is so much to unpack as to why many of us are addicted to playing computer games. Some would say that playing computer games that help you feel stressed is good. They are not wrong.
We outlined below some of the computer games that help. These games can help relieve pain, stress, and anxiety. They can also enhance brain function and memory. Check them out below!

Top computer games that can help you

If you are a computer game enthusiast or want to understand what gaming can do for you, then read on. Below are the top five computer games that help that we think you need to know:
  • Bejeweled
  • Star Wars: Squadron
  • Lumosity
  • Super Mario 64
  • Call of Duty


We begin with a casual and chill game of Bejeweled that does not require that much brain power on your part, or so we thought.
Bejeweled is just one of the many chill games in the gaming market that helps you unwind and relieve stress. When playing this game, many sections in the brain light up and engage in higher-level thinking and strategizing.
A study conducted by Susan Whitbourne, a psychology researcher from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, revealed that forty-seven percent of adults aged 50 years old and above exhibited a high level of mental sharpness and performance after playing the game. The swapping of unicolored gems and arranging them within a limited period involve active cognitive participation.

Star Wars: Squadron

Star Wars: Squadron is one of the computer games that help you improve your mood and reduce your anxiety levels. It is a virtual reality game that focuses on space combat with the game design set in the Star Wars Universe.
Virtual reality games like Star Wars Squadron have an analgesic effect on people with anxiety disorder based on a study by pain researchers at the American Pain Society. As virtual reality games engage multiple senses of the players, it alters how their brain responds to a stimulus that causes pain which is why it also increases one’s pain tolerance to a certain degree.


Brain training games comprise a fair share among millions of computer games out there. Lumosity is the best out of the computer games that help you enhance your brain and cognitive function, memory, and concentration, faster processing of information.
A 2016 study revealed that playing brain training games improves the attention, processing speed, visual memory, and executive cognitive functions of 51 subjects in the active group.

Super Mario 64

Researchers found out that playing computer and video strategy games can improve brainpower. Playing computer games that help you strategize and focus in a high-level thinking mode contributes to an increase in neuroplasticity and a rise in the number of grey matter in the brain. One good example is Super Mario 64.
Researchers at Max Planck Institute for Human Development found drastic improvements in the right hippocampus, right prefrontal cortex, and cerebellum. Among many, they showed an improvement in memory, strategic planning, and fine motor skills.

Call of Duty

In a study of 125 people, gamers scored better in terms of visual sensitivity than their sporadic to non-gamer counterparts. They fared better and exhibited more accurate attention to detail. L. Gregory Appelbaum stated that video games enhance our visual focus and train the brain to process multiple things more quickly.


You can find a plethora of computer games that help you improve your mood or your memory. Some of them boost your brainpower. By playing for many hours per week, you might just become limitless like the characters you play in your favorite computer game.
These are not the only computer games that help. There are more out there. Who knows, even the most popular or most underrated games out there can have great self-improvement benefits too!