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5 Most Underrated PC Games of 2021

Everyone is so focused on the new releases this year, so we thought – why not release a list of the most underrated PC games of 2021? There have been many new releases, so we decided to go under the radar for this one. 

While this list does not represent a majority of the most underrated PC games, these are some of our favorites. Make sure to give each one a check!

Most Underrated PC Games of 2021

Evil Genius 2

Being a hero is absolutely tiring. That’s why Evil Genius has allowed players to be the villain of their own stories. This game is a decades-old classic. The sequel has introduced new characters and features. There are even minions that encourage players to unleash their villain-ish alter ego and take over the world.

From various tools, doomsday devices, and machinery, players shall stop at nothing to carry out their evil plans *laughs maniacally*. Because of that, this amazingly evil game lands on the top 5 of our most underrated PC games. 

Necromunda: Hired Gun

Necromunda: Hired Gun lands on the 4th spot in our most underrated PC games list. Movement shooter games have proven to be a successful genre, especially after the amazing success of DOOM 2016 and DOOM Eternal. 

Set in the Warhammer 40k universe, all you have to do is control the titular Gun for Hire (e.g., the badass Bounty Hunter) in the city of Necromunda. You show your prowess as you fight off various gangs who think that they own the city. You have many abilities to use at your disposal, and you can even upgrade these as you progress in the game.


Your character is having a terrible day as he travels through space in an attempt to deliver the ashes of his grandfather to a funeral in space. However, his ship crashes, and he now needs to find a way to survive in outer space. 

This game is truly an iconic and funny take on “survival sci-fi.” An immortal chicken accompanies your character as you work your way to survive life in space. 

Cozy Grove

If you are looking for a wholesome game to play, then Cozy Grove might just be it. One of the most underrated PC games that many may not know about is this life-sim game wherein your character is a supernatural scout who travels the island searching for local ghosts who need help in their transition to the afterlife. 

Basically, this game is played in real-time, and players must log in to the game and accomplish various objectives within a 40+hour game time. 


Last but not least is Mundaun. This is a first-person horror game wherein you will be required to climb the top of a mountain while solving various puzzles and brushing off many enemies. 

What sets this horror game apart from other games of the same genre is the scary aesthetic. Truly, this game will give you nightmares, so it’s better to play this during the daytime. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!



These are only 5 of the most underrated PC games of 2021. They may not be as famous as all the other new releases, but these games are surely worth checking!

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