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5 Most Played PC Games of 2021

Gamers, get ready! We will be counting down the 5 most played PC games of 2021. While these games are not “new releases,” they are quite popular. This is based on data we have researched from publishers, developers, and some analytics sites.

Most Played PC Games of 2021

Counter-Strike: GO

With over 1.2 million concurrent players, Counter-Strike: GO lands on the 5th spot on our list. They have garnered a record high of approximately 1.3 million players last April 2020. This impressive number of players has been going on for over eight years now. 

As of 2021, Counter-Strike: GO has reached over 1,198,581 active players. This increase can be attributed to the strong esports presence and the brand power of Counter-Strike that has been around since the late ’90s. Countries in Europe like Russia have been massively contributing to the large population of Counter-Strike’s active players’ community. 


Fourth in our list of the most played PC games of 2021 is Minecraft, with over 1.4 million active players. While DOTA 2 has had estimated monthly active users of over 11.9 million at the start of 2019, Minecraft has recorded 10 times that number! With this amazing record, it is not impossible that soon enough, Minecraft could have at least 3 times that number. 


Most likely, some players have only heard of Crossfire only recently, but this is actually one of the most played PC games of 2021. Crossfire is a Counter-Strike clone and it has taken over almost the entirety of Korea!

The Korean developer Smilegate Entertainment has made a deal with Microsoft and a new version of the giant PC game called Crossfire X will be released into Microsoft platforms exclusively this 2021. If Smilegate wants to live up to its claims of having 8 million players, Crossfire X will have to be better. They have to beat their first installment in order to take up even the larger markets!

League of Legends

League of Legends comes in 2nd place with its approximately 8 million active players. According to Riot Games, around 8 million people are playing LoL every day! 

Yet again, a strong esports scene has come to the aid of League of Legends. This has helped lots of players hold on to its community as tournaments are being held online, all over the world! The League of Legends Championships held last 2019 broke the concurrent viewership. It beat Twitch when it had over 1.7 million people watching from around the Globe. 


At the top of our list lies Fortnite with its 12.8 million concurrent players. Surely, this game will go down in history as one of the most important games ever made. The Battle Royale from Epic Games has truly recalibrated what it means to create and support an extraordinary “live” service-style game. 

Probably one of the things that helped Fortnite remain at the top despite its competitors is the constant remolding of the game. There are also more new features and trends emerging. It is almost considered as a new game every single month (all thanks to its battle pass content).

The game has truly managed to embed itself in pop culture by partnering up with various celebrities and musicians in order to stay relevant.


These most played PC games may still be subject to change as we are just halfway through 2021, but what we do know is what makes a game stay on top aside from its amazing gameplay is the support it gets from its community of players.

We’ll find out which games will remain on top and which would climb their way to the top five before 2021 ends!

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