The best games for Android: the October review

Are you looking for something new to play on your Android device? Even though the previous month was not particularly rich in releases of Android apps, still, there is a couple of curious titles which might attract you and give you some time of exciting gaming.

For city building enthusiasts

Townscaper is a game about constructing a city, however, it differs a lot from typical strategy games or city building simulators. The goal of the game is to create an entire city or a town from scratch, however, there are no rules and limits for the process. There are also no other goals in this game.

You will get access to a collection of buildings of various types which can be customised according to your preferences, especially your aesthetic taste. The landscape of the game is especially beautiful and, when combined with the buildings, resembles of ancient Mediterranean cities.

As you can understand, this game should not be treated as anything challenging with an aim to make the best planning decisions for the functionality of a city. This game is more about enjoying the process of creating a city when it comes to its appearance. For this reason, you can treat it more as an app for relaxation just like a colourbook or a colour puzzle. Even though the game is not challenging, it is very absorbing.

Pay your attention to the fact this game is not available for free, albeit it is not expensive.

For real mobile gamers

If you have a mobile phone or a tablet computer with state-of-the-art hardware, you might be willing to try playing GRIDâ„¢ Autosport Custom Edition.

This game goes beyond primitive racing games developed for mobile devices and strikes with absolutely impressive graphics. This feature makes the game rather demanding when it comes to the devices it can be run on. Players with really advanced models of tablets and smartphones will be able to enjoy the full capacity of this game.

The free version of this game is actually a demonstrative one and it includes only three racing tracks. There is also a possibility of customising the level of difficulty in GRIDâ„¢ Autosport Custom Edition. Still, this enough for you to fall in love with this game and purchase the full version.

For the fans of platformers

If you prefer the platform genre of games you should pay your attention to Blon. The main character of this game is drop which lost its family treasures in the burglary. Unfortunately, the burglar is the brother of the drop and now, the drop is very much willing to get the treasure back.

Even if the plot of the game might not seem too exciting to you, you should try playing it and you will certainly get absorbed into this game since it has seven unique worlds and hordes of enemies. Also, each level has a very unusual boss.

For satisfying cravings for anything sweet

The fans of donates will certainly enjoy playing an unusual game the goal of which is to run over the world eating as much of this tasty treat as possible. The main character of this game is a ninja who is trying to consume all of the donates available in the game world before his enemies can do it.