Free puzzle games for the most demanding users of iOS and Android

In case you are crazy about playing on your smartphone, the chances are you might have already checked the majority of the apps available for portable devices. If you are struggling to find something really outstanding to play and especially if the genre you are interested in is a puzzle game, this list will be pretty helpful in your search.

The most amazing feature of all of the apps listed in this article is the fact they are available for free!


You might have already found a variety of puzzle games with beautiful graphics and tasks based on colour matching. One of the best games of this type is undeniably KAMI 2 which is not only beautiful but also challenging and peculiar with pretty unique tasks.

You will reveal a large collection of artistic patterns which will literally hypnotise you and get immersed into the process of playing while listening to exotic eastern music.

The goal of the game is filling the field on the screen with the same colour while the number of steps one can make on a certain level is limited. A curious part of the app is the possibility of creating one’s own levels and sharing them with other players.


Blackbox is one of the games developed for smartphones which includes physical movements and you will have to rotate your phone in order to solve the challenging tasks of Blackbox which is based on gyroscope. Blackbox is particularly curious as you will not even be able to change anything on the screen with your touch and everything can be controlled exclusively through moving the device in your hands. At the same time, the game is filled with audio and visual tips which you should keep a track of if you want to succeed in the gaming process.

This game will be perfect for everyone who has already tried so many games for smartphones that there is hardly anything left which can make this person excited. You can also recommend this game for your child who might be attracted by the unique game mechanics of Blackbox which definitely makes it different from many puzzle games widely found to be boring by many kids.

Words of Wonders

The players who prefer word games over others, should consider playing Words of Wonders. This is a very interesting combination of both puzzle games and crosswords and also includes an element of answering questions.

Thus, here you will find definitions of various things which you will have to name. Apart from it, there will also be hint of a set of letters used in the word suitable for each definition.


In case you are still wondering which game to pick or you haven’t found your favourite one such as for instance, mah-jong on the list above, you can download and install Puzzlerama. This is not just a single game as it is an entire collection of puzzle games including the most popular ones as well as less known titles. In any case, you will never run out of ideas how to spend free time if you decide to pick this app.