PC games to enhance creativity

PC Games to Enhance Creativity While Having Fun

People usually think that playing games are only for fun and entertainment. But there are also PC games to enhance creativity. Whether it involves strategy, building fortresses, or winning a war, these games can be helpful to both children and adults alike.

In today’s article, we will share various PC games to enhance creativity with you, so get ready to get your creative juices flowing!

Top 5 PC games to enhance creativity

1. Minecraft

Of course, the first on our list of PC games to enhance creativity in Minecraft. Even if you are not an avid gamer, I’m pretty sure you have already heard of this game’s name – yep, that’s how famous it is all over the world.

The players have to build armors, weapons, and anything else they might need to protect and defend themselves from an incoming alien attack. You can explore and develop your civilization, and even though the primary goal is to survive, you can put your game in creative mode and be free to build and create things without worrying about aliens.

2. StarCraft

Next on our list of PC games to enhance creativity is StarCraft. This game may look just like a typical game wherein you are an alien, and you have to fight for control and power, but actually, this game is much more than that.

Your would-be success in the game would depend on your ability to stay organized, manage resources, and plan attacks. Some players have compared StarCraft to Chess because of the amount of planning and strategizing it takes to win.

Get ready to analyze important information and make fast decisions in this strategy game that will surely test your creativity!

3. Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program mimics real-life situations, forcing the players to think and act like they are experiencing the game in real life. You will be tasked to assemble a spaceship, and this task is not something you should take lightly because the fundamental laws of physics are applied to the game. If you understand the essential concepts needed, then this game will be straightforward for you.

This game is an excellent and fun way to teach kids about Math, Physics, and even Engineering. Enjoy while learning and launch your rocket into space!

4. Portal Series

This game will challenge your brain in all ways possible. To start, your character will be trapped in a laboratory, and you will have to escape using your mind and your portal gun.

Yes, it might sound easy, but this game is essentially a puzzle, and it will take you time before you figure out the best way to escape. You will not only be entertained by this game, but you will also improve your cognitive skills.

5. Trine Series

The last on our list of PC games to enhance creativity is the Trine Series. There are three characters in the game: thief, knight, and the wizard.

The key to winning is to understand how to use each character’s particular skill. Not every puzzle will be complex, but each one will surely enhance your thinking skills.


Playing PC games to enhance creativity has long been a proven fact, but the thing is, you need to know which games can help you in achieving this goal. Try playing the games we included in this list and notice if there will be any difference in your creativity in the next few weeks! There are games to improve more aspects of yourself too!