build your gaming pc

Should You Build Your Gaming PC?

Should you buy or build your gaming PC? Well, it ultimately boils down to your preferences, budget, and patience when it comes to details. Building your rig can be a rewarding activity but then again, who has the patience?

This article will try to illuminate the pros and cons when you build your gaming PC. We hope to aid you in formulating better decisions on whether to structure your rig or purchase a pre-built one instead.

Why build your gaming PC?

1.    You can potentially save more money when you build your gaming PC

The markup incurred on gaming components is relatively lower compared to that of pre-built computers. The price to performance ratio is also better on custom builds because you can maximize the performance based on your preferences.

Familiarity with your rig also helps better identify components for repair, which also saves money down the line.

2.    You can customize everything.

Pre-built PCs have one common denominator. They do not mix and match higher to midrange components which limits your autonomy over your device.

While building your PC allows you to choose which component offers the best value and pool them all into one piece of functioning hardware. It makes PC building a more affordable and highly efficient choice among the two.

3.    The individual component warranty lasts longer than pre-built rigs

If you seek the best value for money, then the warranty coverage is something you would consider precious.

The problem with pre-built rigs is that their warranty is singular and represents all individual components—some manufacturers offer good warranty coverage like Scan with three years. But most, not so much.

4.    The opportunity to learn along the way

If you value the acquisition of new skills, then you will appreciate the learning when you are building your gaming PC. Not only will you familiarize the setup but with the whole concept of building, in general.

You may also offer custom PC building as a service. You never know.

5.    Upgradability and reusability

You can reuse old PC components in custom builds, and you may remove certain portions of the rig only if you wish to upgrade.

Why you should not build your gaming PC?

1.    Time is of the essence.

It takes time to build your gaming PC, and if you need the rig now, then maybe spending a day (or a week for inexperienced ones) building would not be wise.

2.    Research and learn before anything else

A certain level of expertise and research is needed. Incorrect integration of components can short your motherboard and render all your equipment moot if you are not cautious—goodbye investments.

3.    Who is more reliable?

Searching for an excellent step-by-step guide can be difficult. Different people equal different strategies, now who to trust from all builders is a risk you must take.

4.    Singular warranty = less tedious activity

Some people want uniformity than having to consider individual things. Pre-built PCs offer a single warranty that may fit some people’s criteria for a less-hassle process that does not involve rig disassembly.


There are indeed significant pros and pesky cons that govern custom PC builds. If you do not like challenges and are a bit averse when taking risks, you should perhaps buy a pre-built one.

However, if you find merit in producing your work and have a knack for choosing the best bang for your buck option, then choose to build your gaming PC. Be sure to keep the best requirements in mind!