Puzzle games for iOS and Android which are worth your money

There is plenty of free puzzle games available for the users of devices running on Android and iOS, however, if you are a real fan of this genre, you might have already checked all of them and may be even have completed these games. Of course, now you might be looking for the games which are offered for money.

The choice of great games is pretty large, however, you certainly do not want to waste your money on something which is not worth it. That is why, if you would like to spend some money on your mobile entertainment, this article will be useful for you.

The Monument Valley game series

One of the most outstanding puzzle games which you can install on your iOS or Android device at the moment is Monument Valley which is actually an entire series of games. These apps are developed by the ustwo games studio.

The Monument Valley games is indeed a unique series. First of all, the idea of the game itself is amazing as the puzzles you are going to solve are based on fantastic worlds of optical illusions. The characters of the game will have to go through these complicated constructions and in order to do it, they will need your help with moving various objects which appear as obstacles on their way.

Another crucial part of the games is beautiful graphic design which will give you many hours of aesthetic pleasure. Finally, the plot of the games itself is very interesting.

You will hardly find anything similar to the Monument Valley games, so if you really enjoy playing puzzle games on your smartphone, purchasing this series will be a great investment.

The Framed game series

Another exclusive puzzle game which is certainly one-of-a-kind is Framed. There is also an entire series of the Framed games.

This game has a spy theme, so if you are interested in stories about spies, you will certainly like it. The gameplay of Framed is something absolutely outstanding. Each level of this game has a set of slides which are parts of one story. they are all mixed, so you will have to put them in the right order in order to allow the main character of the game to hide from the people who are following him. What is important about the gameplay is the fact all of the slides are animated. This is making the game even more attractive and challenging at the same time.

As you can imagine, this game will also be a great choice for anyone who is crazy about comics.

The Room game series

The Room is also a series of games. This puzzle game is based on different tasks which are more about finding solutions to mysteries, looking for keys and finding secret doors. This game will require more time than many games of this genre so, if you are patient enough, you will find it very rewarding. Pay attention to the fact the developers of Fireproof Games which have created the series are making each new game more extended and filled with curious tasks, so you might be interested in checking all of them.

Mini Metro

Mini Metro is a peculiar combination of a simulator of constructing a metro as well as a puzzle game. As you can imagine, the idea of the game is constructing your own metro which is not such an easy task especially once the number of passengers will be growing. Some of your tasks will be controlling trains as well as creating the best possible routes between metro stops. Even though this might not sound like anything exciting, in the reality the game is very absorbing and rewarding. In addition to it, it is available for a very modest price.

Bridge Constructor Portal

It is quite possible that you have happened to play both of the games which have created this amazing combination available on the market under the name of Bridge Constructor Portal. The game is based on the Portal puzzle game as well as Bridge Constructor which is a simulator of bridge construction.

Such a crazy mixture will give you an opportunity to play a game filled with challenges. On the one hand, you will have to build bridges for vehicles which is certainly the simulation part of the game. On the other hand, you will be able to use a variety of instruments including portals the idea of which will be allowing vehicles to escape various dangers on the road.

Deus Ex Go

If you have ever played a desktop version of Deus Ex and you have actually enjoyed that experience, you might be interested in trying to play Deus Ex Go. This game has a similar plot and characters and includes a lot of tactic battles which can be solved with the help of logic. This is a very curious version of the desktop game which is by the way widely loved by an entire army of fans.

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