Earning money on video games – less obvious possibilities

Video games are attracting more and more people and many of them are interested in this form of entertainment so much that they would like to connect their professional lives with this industry. As you certainly know, two of the most obvious career paths available to the devotees of video games are esports and game development. Yet, there are many other options to choose from. This article will explain you some of the possibilities.

Gamification specialists

You might have already come across the concept of gamification. Actually, it is becoming more and more popular nowadays and many companies which are not related to game design at all are interested in gamification of their products.

Gamification is based on the process of presenting a product as a game. According to many researchers, this can motivate people to use such a product, service or just to repeat the action. It can be adopted by various companies regardless of their specialisation. Of course, one of the greatest way of adopting gamification is including it into education programmes or the programmes dedicated to increasing productivity. Another popular example is creating gamified loyal programmes for using particular services or making purchases in a particular shop.

As you can imagine, this means you can use gamification principles in many other areas of life which might be even more interesting to you than game development itself.

Indie-game designer

Undeniably, an indie-game designer is still a designer of games, however, in the case of indie-game designers, their work is not controlled by any large companies or brands. This is a perfect way for an individual game designer to enter the market, especially when he or she prefers working alone or in a very small group of colleagues rather than being a part of a large project. It is also a great way to realise various ideas which large companies find less profitable.

Certainly, this job requires from indie-game designers abilities to work on various tasks which are otherwise divided among different specialists. At the same time, it might be rather difficult for indie-game developers to promote their products on the market which is already overfilled with an abundance of extremely popular games.

Video game screenwriter

People who love writing and are also keen on playing video games, can choose a career path of a video game screenwriter. It is crucial to note that this profession is demanded by large game design companies in the first place since in the smaller ones, game designers themselves tend to work on the tasks of screenwriting.

As the name suggests, the work will be focused on texts used in games, however, the variety of these texts can be pretty diverse. Indeed, video game screenwriters are working on all possible dialogues taking place between the characters of the game, all of the messages appearing during the interaction between a player and the game as well as the game plot as well. In addition to it, creating the personality for the characters of games is also one of the tasks of a video game screenwriter.

Community manager

A community manager is a specialist of game designing who is focused on the social work which takes place after the release of the game. Even though many people assume there is such a person, they might not be aware of the exact tasks he or she is solving.

Being a community manager can be a very attractive job for the people who would like to play video games and, at the same time have a lot of opportunities for socialising.

This is possible since usually games have their own communities where players are sharing their ideas and feelings both positive and negative about the final product. This can give crucial information to game designers on the improvement of their games and also on the future expectations of the real players. At the same time, a community manager has a role of a technical support specialist helping players to figure out various problems. Certainly, this requires knowledge and advanced skills of playing this particular game.

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